Everything You Need For Aquaponics

How to Build an Aquaponic System

Want to learn how to build an aquaponic system? If you have been watching the media, they are sharing information with  people on how to grow food on the desert. How to prepare for when the SHTF. Are you prepared to meet the rocketing prices of food? Do you want to give your family food that is wholesome and not genetically engineered or loaded with hormones? Well then you really need to consider building your own aquaponic system. It is really quite easy. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or a biologist to set up your system. Most of the things you need are easily found online or at a home box store. I have given you a site here that you can take a look at. they have all the blue prints with detailed plans and parts list for you follow. You can order the parts from our website here as well. When you are ready for your fish, go to this site  http://greatlakestilapia.com  I use Great Lakes Tilapia because they have the best prices, healthy fish, and they ship like experts!

If the only thing that is stopping you is that you do not know how to build an aquaponic system, then continue reading.

If you want to know how to build an aquaponic system, simply click this link
Why Tilapia? Easy question… they are a very nutritious food source, rich in omega 3 and very tasty too. They are easy for the beginner to raise with high tolerances to water parameters. They however , will succumb to colder water temps. Should your water dip below 50 degrees F, they will die. A fortunate factor for the natural occurring fish found in our water sources up North. Tilapia are also excellent at cleaning ponds from algae and duckweed. Farmers use tilapia to not only clean their ponds but also for a food source for their predator fish such as Bass, and Catfish.

Here is how to build an aquaponic system for your home. Start off small and after you gain some experience with tilapia and your aquaponic system, Try to expand it. Before long you will be producing enough fish for your friends and family. You can also barter your fish for others that have chickens, beef and other vegetables. Aquaponics will provide your vegetables with the proper nitrogen to load them with natural fertilizer to make your plants grow like they are on steroids.  You see, aquaponics is like a small eco-system. The fish provide the plants with the nitrogenous waste water and the plants extract the nutrients from the water that harm the fish. The water is then returned to the fish’s water clean. it is an ongoing cycle that provides you with healthy fish and producing vegetables all year long. Get started Now.. Don’t wait until the food prices are so expensive that your family is eating Rom-yon noodles ever day!  Giant Eagle has Tilapia on sale now at $8.99 a pound. You can grow a Tilapia hybrid to 1 pound in 6-8 months. However unless you have the hybrid species you will need more like 9 months, Still, that’s not bad! That makes tilapia one of the fastest growing fish in the world!  Click the link below if you are serious about how to build an aquaponic system today!   


Ready to start building? Got your plans?  Next click here to find the parts you need to make it happen! How to Build an Aquaponic System today!!




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