How To Build A Hoop House

hoophouse_dvdIf you live in the northern zones in the USA or in other remote areas of the world that have cold seasons you really need to start experiencing the wonderful world of growing your plants and vegetables all year long by learning how to build a hoop house. 


Most people think that building a hoop house is a really expensive and a  difficult task. But nothing could be farther from the truth. All it takes is a long weekend, some basic tools and a good plan.  You can make your hoop house as small or as large as you wish. The only building materials you’ll need is some lumber, pvc and hardware and some greenhouse plastic 6ml film UV resistant.

So, why do you need this eBook if it all seems that easy?? Good Question!  Well, i built my first 8 x 12 ft hoop house with just a basic understanding of looking at some pictures that others had built. However after about 6 months I wish I had done a few things differently.

There are a few really important issues you may want to take a deeper look into, such as floor surface, ventilation, electrical connections, plumbing, lighting and more. beautiful

This eBook, “How To Build A Hoop House” will cover these issues in in great detail. You will be able to download this eBook from a secure gateway and you will have instant access so you can get your materials for the weekend!

Dont waste thousands of dollars by purchases those pre-fab kits! Save your money and get all the parts you need at the Big Box stores and one other store that we give you in the eBook. All you need is ONE WEEKEND, a couple of tools and you are ready to get started! Dont let old man Winter spoil another season for you! Now you can grow all year long . Grab a copy of How to Build a Hoop House !






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