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We have created this site for those individuals who need some help in building your aquaponic system. Whether you need pumps, heaters or any other equipment to build an efficient aquaponic system , we will try to find you the veyr best equipment at the cheapest products to save you money and time. If you enjoy our website here at Aquaponic Supply please click the like button and recommend us to your friends on our social button to the left. Thanks again.. Also, please visit another site with issues such as fish diseases, purchasing Tilapia and other items to help you at www.aquaponics-r-us.com

New Item Added March 16, 2013

If you have been using Aquaponics for any length of time you have  undoubtedly had some kind of power failure! Every Aquaponists worst nightmare. You have about 1 hour before all your fish are floating. You need an emergency power backup. For the record a gasoline power generator ( 5 K ( will give you about 6 hours on a full tank of gas. That will use about $30 of gasoline a day, not only to mention the possibility that it won’t start since you probably haven’t used in a year which means the fuel has most likely gummed up the carburetor and now the darn thing wont even start.  The fumes alone will choke you along with the noise it makes. Ans lastly you cant tank a gasoline generator in the house. Right? Well here is the solution. Let me introduce to you the………..

Yeti 1250-Watt Hour Solar Home Generator Kit



  • Use for back-up, camping, tailgating, light duty construction, emergencies
  • Power lights, tools, refrigerators, freezers and health care equipment
  • Silent and safe, no noise or fumes
  • Safe to operate indoors; no cords coming from outside
  • Includes two Boulder 30 solar panel which charges Yeti 1250 in 24 hours from sun; durable panels, tempered glass and aluminum frame; chain additional boulder 30s together to decrease recharge time
  • Voltage that would work for this product is only 110V.

Product Description

This backup generator is easy to use, and is powerful enough to back up critical appliances like refrigerators, freezers, and home health care equipment. It generates power silently and cleanly, which makes it safe and convenient to use inside the house, cabin, or tent. Charge it from the sun, wall, or car.



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