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Aquarium Heaters

If you are raising Tilapia, then you will definitely need a good aquarium heaters since they like water temps between 81- 85 degrees F.  I have found that water temps in the 70’s will support them well enough, but breeding is minimal. When i did manage to get a female or two to spawn at these water temps, the amount of eggs was minimal and the eggs incubate what seemed like forever. Water temperature controls the hatching time. Even in smaller tanks like 10 gallon tanks,  I use  minimum 75 watt aquarium heaters and nothing less than a 300 watt heater in 55 to 75 gallon tanks. I have purchased some cheaper 300 watt  aquarium heaters from Ebay and found them to be below expectations. I received 2 from on Chinese importer and neither of them even worked, they promptly shipped me two more and only 1 of them worked. So, when i comes to water heaters, don’t try to cut too many corners. You get what you pay for here. I really recommend you to stick with a brand name aquarium heaters. They last longer and you will not have your precious breeders and live stock dying on you from cold water.

There are many aquarium heaters you can buy online. I want to give you all a fair warning… Do not think you got a great deal when you purchased that 300 watt aquarium heater  8 dollars. I tried that route when i was setting up all my breeder tanks thinking,  “Great! Ill get all these cheap heaters and ill have my tanks up in no time”. Well, actually 3 out of 4 of these cheap Chinese water heaters didn’t even work coming out of the box. I had to wait a month to get these cheap heaters as they were shipped form China.  I returned them and they gladly issued me 3 more. None of them worked. This is one little item you don’t want to cut corners on or you will wake up one day and your fish are in 55 degree water.  Stick with brand name aquarium heaters. The very best aquarium heaters are the titanium heaters. The are durable and wont crack if dropped or overheated during a water change. I have a few aquarium heaters that i would like to recommend to you. Please check them out.


Titanium Aquarium Heaters

aquarium heater

The Finnex Compact Electronic Titanium Heaters maintain water temperature within +/-2ºF of the set value providing a safe, healthy and stable temperature for your tank. The titanium tubes aquarium heaters corrosion resistant which makes these virtually unbreakable for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums. These ultra fast heating tubes are easy to hide as they are compact in size and also include a precise electronic control with hang on hook. There is also a LED Heating indicator to let users know when the heater is functioning.
 This is the Finnex 500 watt Aquarium Heater Click Here For Prices.
aquarium heaterFinnex Electronic Temperature Titanium Aquarium Heater This is one sweet little aquarium heater. This little baby will heat up to a 265 gallon aquarium. Here are some more specs you will like.

The HC-0800U Finnex electronic controller is equipped with a temperature dial allowing a temperature range from 68 – 92?F. Equipped with a temperature sensor, these aquarium heaters soundly provide stable environments for your aquarium lives. The three prong power receptacle works well with all Finnex Titanium Tubes as well as other brand’s heating elements as well. Voltage Range Accuracy Max Load Overload Fuse 100-120V 68-92?F ?2?F 1000 Watts 12A These Titanium Finnex Heaters are corrosion-resistant, virtually unbreakable fast heating titanium tubes. Providing a stable temperature environment for your aquarium lives. This titanium aquarium heaters can be used in both fresh and salt water aquarium. Wattage Amperage @115V Recommended Tank Size TH-0800 800 9.0 A 140-265 Gallons cord 73 heating tube 16.5″. Please Note: Additional aquarium heaters  may be required and discouraged from using in extraordinary setups (where warranty may be void) not limited to: Applications outside of standard aquarium use, basement setups, garage setups, ponds, outdoor use, greenhouses, extreme temperature conditions, etc.  Want Prices? Click Here

Note:  People ask me all the time, “What is so great about a titanium heater”? The answer is simple – Durability!!  You see, if you are keeping fish that can grow to excess of 2 pounds or more and the begin to splash and thrash as part of their spawning ritual, they tend to break glass lined aquarium heaters. Now if you remember that you have live electrical current running through your aquarium heater, you will have a short circuit occur, which in turn means your power to your fish’s tanks have just been shut off resulting in either fish that have died from cold water or more possible from no heater, filtration and most important in the short run, no oxygen!

Don’t take a chance with such an important piece of your fish’s equipment,invest in good aquairum heaters for your systems today!


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