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Canister Filters

The Best Canister Filters

If you are going to spend your money wisely, then you will want to get the very best canister filters. The one you want will depend on how many gallons your tank is and how many fish you will have in the tank at any given time. Remember that fish fry grow up and can fill a tank really fast. I had a 30 gallon tank with about 200 new tilapia fry. In 3 months this 30 gallon tank was packed with fingerlings. So keep in mind the canister filters you get will need to handle the ammonia these little guys will produce.

The listings that we are providing on our home page are some of the canister filters and other accessories you will need. This page is to recommend our personal favorites to you. If you have any questions, please ask in the comment section thanks. Please no Spam.

Fluval C4 Power Filter

Fluval C4

The Fluval C4 Filter is one of our favorites for tanks 55 gal to 75 gallons. We like to use these for our breeder tanks. they will accommodate 3 adult breeders. These breeders weigh about 3/4 of a pound each. Easy to clean. Runs quiet. Bio and mechanical filtration all in one. Although this is not one of the best canister filters we recommend, this is a good hang on filter system.

Unsurpassed Mechanical, Chemical, and Biological Filtration
A healthy aquarium requires “beneficial” bacteria. Invisible and harmless, beneficial bacteria are essential in the removal of toxic ammonia and nitrite. With cartridge filtration systems, when you throw away the cartridge, you throw away beneficial bacteria. It can take weeks for the bacteria to re-colonize, resulting in a stressful environment. The Fluval 5-stage filtration system is different. Only one of the filtration components is changed at a time. This ensures that the maximum amount of beneficial bacteria remains. There is never a sudden depletion of bacteria so biological filtration remains always at high effective levels.

Stage 1 & 2: Mechanical- Poly/Foam Pad

Stage 3: Chemical- Activated Carbon Insert                       

Stage 4: Biological-Bio-Screen

                                                     Stage 5: Biological- C-Nodes

Fluval External Filter 206

If you have a larger tank or perhaps you have a brooder colony that has more than 3 or 4 larger fish you will want something a little stronger than a hang on filter. The Fluval 206 cansiter filters also makes the canister filters with 3, 4 and 5 separate compartments that you can add your own special media to help keep your water crystal clean. Fluval filters have been the best canister filters for years. They operate very quietly and last for years. The only thing you usually need to ever replace over time is the rubber O Ring and sometimes the impellers, which you can find both of these online as well.  Fluval canister filters are one of my favorites due to the accessibility to find parts for them. The 206 will work well for tanks up to 45- 50 gallons

  • Multi-stage filtration for healthy fresh & saltwater aquariums
  • Suitable for aquariums up to 45 gallons
  • Sound dampening impeller design for a quieter operation
  • Equipped with a clog-proof intake strainer and a dual layer foam screen
  • Built with a patented Aqua stop Valve, multiple filtration baskets, and rim connector assemblies; 3 year warranty






The Fluval 406


best canister filters

The Fluval 406will handle tanks up to 100 gallons

Advanced filtration system providing maximum versatility and premium performance for aquariums up to 100 gallons

  • Instant priming for convenient, simple and quick filter start up; No manual siphoning
  • High output motor is sealed in epoxy to resist high temperatures for performance and safety
  • AquaStop Valve offers an air- and water-tight seal permitting hosing to be disconnected without breaking the vacuum
  • Pump output of 340 gallons per hour; 3-year warranty. The Fluval 406 Aquarium Best Canister Filters offers advanced pumping technology and a versatile combination of mechanical, biological and chemical filtering capabilities for aquariums up to 100 gallons.



  • The Fluval 06 set of fish tank canister filters takes aquarium filtering to the highest level. The 06 Series filters offer numerous modern features to guarantee trusted dependability and trouble free of cost upkeep. The Fluval 06 line has actually boosted filter efficiency and water top quality for both fresh and deep sea aquariums. The device is designed for a less complicated set-up and start up. These Fluval canister filters are made for aquariums varying in dimension from 25-100 gallons, each backed by a three year guarantee.Attributes consist of a complete set of mechanical, chemical & biological filter media, an immediate prime device that makes certain a quick start-up, single motion lift-lock container clamps, a blockage evidence intake strainer, a twin layer pre-filter foam screen, a user handbook and flying start guide. Every little thing you have to acquire your Fluval 06 Filter going is provided making installment easy for also the first time fish tank owner, while providing performance that will please the most state-of-the-art fish tank enthusiast. Fluval has taken a good filter system and now provides you with the absolute best canister filters on the market.


best canister filters




 Aquatop CF500UV 5-Stage Canister Filter with UV 9W, 525 gph

These sweet canister filters give you a big bang for the buck. It will take on tanks up to 175 gallons per hour. It has 5 stages of filtration as well as a 9 watt UV sterilizer.

The AQUATOP CF-500UV Canister Filter is a 4+1 filtration system that includes four media trays and an integrated UV sterilizer bulb to eradicate algae spores and harmful bacteria. This quiet and extremely efficient canister filter includes a built-in UV sterilizer and is capable of handling up to 525 gallons per hour. Four flexible media trays allow you to add the media of your choice and the CF-500 includes a convenient self-priming pump that eliminates manual siphoning. We have one of these on a 75 gallon saltwater tank and i swear by it. The cost is not expensive and it has the UV built into it! I give this one a 5 stars thumb up!!  Note: although i love fluvas due to their ample availablity to get replacement parts

the price and the UV makes this one my favorite of the best canister filters on the market!


Fluval G6 Advanced Filtration System

  <<Click the image for more information       This is the Cadillac of filtration systems. HIgh tech, smart, digital and easy to use. What more can I say? Yes , it is a bit pricey, but if you are one of those that has to have the best, then this is it!



AquaTop Pond UV Sterilizer Pressurized Bio Filter w/ Pump PFS200

If you have a tank up to 1600 gallons this one will really do a good job. It has a mechanical, biological filtration and the best part is the UV sterilizer it has built inside the filter housing. We use one of these on one of our 1000 gallon tanks and it does an amazing job. Kills all the suspended green algae and keeps the water clean. I give this one a 5 star!


pond filter


if you want more information on this system, click the link below

AquaTop Pond UV Sterilizer Pressurized Bio Filter w/ Pump PFS200    click here






Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter, 3 Unit





This is a really nice system. Primarily used for larger aquaponic or small ponds, The Cobalt Pond Puro Gravity Filter modular filter system comes complete with 4 levels of high quality filtering media. Including heavy duty filter brushes, Kinshy filter media, fine pore sponge and Cobalt Bioglobes. Each level of filtration is specifically designed to complement the other media in the system, resulting in crystal clear, healthy water for your Koi or Goldfish. Easy to assemble, hide and maintain, the Puro is designed for the water garden and Koi pond hobbyist in mind and is built to last. Featuring individual media baskets, shock and UV resistant outer case, pre-installed media, complete plumbing connections, and 2 models to choose from.

            The Oase Biotec 18 Screenmatic Pond Filter

pond filter by Oase      The Oase Biotec 18 Screenmatic Pond Filter  This is the sweetest pond filter i have found on the market. Having been a aquaponist for the past several years even before it became so popular, i had created a DIY pond filter using some pretty crafty technology i got from a friend. It worked failty well, excelt the 300 micro screens got clogged like every 4 hours due to the heavy fish load in my 3o00 gallon tanks. I found myself having to take a power hose and blasting the fish waste several times a day to keep the water flowing correctly through the filter. Well… Oase came with a better idea. It has a great filtration along with the UV sterilizer. the 300 micro screen gets a blast of high pressure water that not only cleans the screen but the screens rotate to ensure a clean filtration of the large particles that are washed into a waste tray that easily is removed to clean. I want to say yhat if you are looking for a cheap filter this one isnt the one for you. This filter is for the serious fish enthusiast or aquaponic farmer. These beautiful units run on average of $699. For more information click the picture or the link and find out more about shipping and other relevant information.

< Click Here for more Information on the Oase Biotec 18 Screenmatic >




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